Passing the practical driving test is not as easy as it looks. Every year only 32% of candidates can pass the practical driving test on their first attempt. Sometimes it happens that you make a minor mistake, but you consider it as a major one. This demotivates you, and then you start feeling that you already failed the test. There is still hope that you may conquer the test, but due to the misunderstanding of considering the minor mistake as a major one, you lose your hope. This is one of the most major causes of failing the practical driving test. So today, I am here to differentiate the minor and major mistakes.

Minor Mistakes:

First, we discuss the minor mistakes. According to the rules of Dvsa, you are allowed to perform the 15 minor mistakes while performing your practical driving test. If you perform a major mistake or perform a minor mistake 3 times in the test will cause failure.

Categories Of Major Faults:

Whenever you perform a mistake, your examiner will note in one of the following categories:

  • Dangerous Fault:

This kind of fault involves something dangerous or causes a danger to you, your examiner, someone’s property, or the public.

  • Serious Fault:

Something that is potentially dangerous to you or your examiner.

  • Driving Fault:

These kinds of faults are not potentially dangerous and count as minor faults. But if you do a driving fault three times in the test, then it will become a serious fault and the category of the serious fault lines in the major one. So performing a major leads you toward failure.

If you perform one of the serious or driving faults, don’t panic and continue your test with confidence. If you lose confidence, there are chances that you’ll make some more mistakes. So if one of these two faults happen, don’t panic and wait

for the examiner’s decision at the end of your test.

Common Driving Faults:

Let’s take a look at some common driving mistakes and faults.

  • Not Checking The Mirrors Frequently:

Not checking the mirrors frequently is one of the most common mistakes that a lot of candidates make and lead them toward failure. Before starting the car, you should check all the mirrors properly and fix them. Also, on the junctions, overtaking, and at U-turn, you should use the mirror and check the traffic through the mirrors. This will have a great impact on your driving skills on your examiner.

  • Hesitation:

Building great confidence is very necessary to pass the practical driving test. Hesitating before making any decision may cause you to fail.

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What Should You Do If You Fail The Test:

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