If you want to know whether your passport is travel-friendly or not for easy and seamless luxury or cheap air flights, then you’ve come to the right place.

All the countries worldwide perform the right actions to make sure that their people can travel freely and easily anywhere they want. Moreover, many authorities worldwide launch different lists and indices to show which country has the most travel-friendly passport. If you’re planning to grab yourcheap air flights. Then read on to find out if your country is on that list or not. So, let’s dive into it.

Henley Passport Index

One of the most popular, well-known, and recognized travel-free passport lists is undoubtedly Henley Passport Index. It rates passports of pretty much all the countries every year. In 2021 the list has also been issued in which once again. Japan is at the very top of the list. But the fact of the matter is that the comparison of the intentional travel freedom is almost theoretical. Because of the global pandemic and immensely decreased international travellers.

Different Countries on the List

If a person has a Japanese passport, the travel can quickly enter into more than 190 countries (193) requiring a visa on arrival. But in some of those countries, a person carrying a Japanese passport font event requires a passport. But at the other end of the list, there are different countries like Afghanistan, and people with access to this country can only enter 26 countries. Moreover, from Japan to Afghanistan, there is a gap of 167 counties. And it’s the widest one since the inception of the Henley Passport Index list 15 years back in 2006. It means that people can quickly grab their cheap air flights or the first-class ones to almost anywhere on earth.

Like the last year, Singapore maintains its second position, and it only has one less destination allowed (192) compared to Japan. After that, we have South Korea and Germany in the third position as both countries offer the same number of destinations. Both of these countries provide 191 different destinations across the world. The rest of the countries in the top ten are majorly European countries except the United States and New Zealand. These countries are in the seventh position and offer 187 different countries as a current destination number.

UK and US Passport

The UK and US both have downgraded because, in 2014, both countries were on the top of the list of the countries having the most travel-friendly passport. However, the United Arab Emirates, on the other hand, has jumped drastically and managed to secure the 15th position from 65th. That’s an impressive improvement that the country has just managed to achieve only in a decade. China is also improving, and now it’s on 68 number as it has added 22 new destinations. The passport of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Thailand are tied up, and both of them are on the 66th number and offer 79 different countries as a current number of destinations. The following is the top ten list that you want to know in 2021:

  • Japan – 193 destinations.
  • Singapore – 192 destinations.
  • South Korea and Germany – 191 destinations.
  • Luxembourg, Finland, Spain, and Italy – 190 destinations.
  • Denmark and Austria – 189 destinations.
  • Portugal, France, Netherlands, Ireland, and Sweden – 188 destinations.
  • United States, Belgium, United Kingdom, Switzerland, New Zealand – 187 destinations.
  • Malta, Czech Republic, Norway, and Greece – 186 destinations.
  • Australia and Canada – 185 destinations.
  • Hungary, Slovakia, Lithuania, and Poland – 183 destinations.

Final Thoughts

Nations that can manage and work with immunization for their residents rapidly will want to invite international travel in for the travel industry and business and have the option to travel more themselves. Then again, nations that can’t bear the cost of the capacity and circulation of immunizations will be less ready to travel or invite the travel industry to pay, broadening a worldwide abundance hole. You can easily book Lahore to Melbourne flights on a side note if you’re vaccinated from anywhere on the globe.

Remote working and the computerized wanderer way of life has been blasting as of late, and with Covid-19 constraining, organizations to adjust to working from home, the post-pandemic world will see more far off working. Nations falling behind with inoculations will endure the drawn-out misfortune in the travel industry dollars as well.