How to Outlook Mailbox Size Limit Exceeded – Know How

You are an Outlook user and have received a message that exceeds the size of your mailbox. Now, users whose Outlook mailbox size limit exceeded will no longer be able to send or receive email. But now you don’t have to worry, we have a very simple and easy solution for you in this blog. Just read the article below.

Microsoft Outlook is an excellent email client with multiple features. If you have been using this email client software, you may encounter mailbox file size limitations. It is one of the common errors in Outlook that occurs when you exceed the limit of the PST file.

PST file size limits vary by version. In Outlook 2002, the maximum file size is only 2 GB, while in Outlook 2019, 2016 this PST file size is 50 GB. So you can save more data in the latest version. However, after reaching the limit, you will face PST mailbox size limit exceeded error.

Possible Reasons For Mailbox Size Limit Exceeded

Here are some situations that can cause Outlook mailbox size to exceed the allowed limit:

  1. You’re running Outlook on an Exchange server, and you’ve set a mailbox size limit.
  2. You are using an earlier version of Outlook PST data file
  3. The size of the Outlook PST file has exceeded its default size (see the table below for PST size limits for different versions of Outlook).

How to Outlook Mailbox Size Limit Exceeded With Free Tricks ?

There are two manual methods to reduce the size of an Outlook mailbox and prevent Outlook from reaching the maximum size.

Method 1. Delete Unnecessary Data Items

 To reduce the size of your PST file, remove less important and unnecessary data elements. Therefore, follow these steps:

  • Open the PST file and select the less important items for future use
  • Then delete all items
  • Empty the Deleted Items folder and delete it permanently.

Method 2. Archive Outlook Data Files

 You can also archive the Outlook PST data item and delete the original PST file to resolve the Outlook data file reaching the maximum size error in Office 365. Follow these steps to perform this task.

  • First, Run MS Outlook, go to  File
  • Click Cleanup Tools >> Archive
  • Select the date you want to archive, and click OK
  • Finally, archive all the selected data in a PST file (another archive folder)

Both Manual Methods are Completely Free, But With Some Limitations:

  • Data may be lost.
  • Time-consuming process
  • Required technical skills
  • Do not reduce the size of PST file as needed.

Better Alternative Solution to Outlook Mailbox Size Limit Exceeded

To resolve Outlook data file reaching maximum size error and reduce large PST file size, make use of Outlook PST Splitter Tool which is the best tool for your task. This application splits a large Outlook data file into multiple smaller PST files without changing the original data information. It offers 6 unique options to separate PST files by size, date, year and folder, email ID, category. It is designed to split ANSI files and UNICODE PST files without data loss. The tool also preserves Outlook meta properties like Cc, Bcc, To etc. once the process is complete. This tool can also easily split damaged PST files. Compatible with all versions of Windows OS including the latest Windows 11, 10, etc.

Let’s Know Outlook Data Size Limit Exceeded – Step by Step Guide

  • First, users need to Download the Solution to their computers

Download Split PST File

  • Now, it offers two options like “Choose File” or “Choose Folder

Choose PST file or Folder

  • It provides tools to split PST by size. Users can provide the desired size in MB, GB and TB to split the PST into the desired size

Select split by size

  • After selecting the Split by Size option and providing the required details, click the Next button to continue to the next step

Click on Next button

  • The Software will now show you a Summary of the split information. Click Next to start the PST split process

Check the summery

  • Once the user clicks on the Next button, the tool will start the process of dividing the PST by its size. Here, the user can click the stop button to stop the intermediate splitting process. Or directly click the Home button to enter the home page of the software

Click on next

  • Done! The process of splitting the PST is complete



I hope you have found a solution to your query: How to exceed Outlook mailbox size limit? This blog describes the solution to the problem. However, manual solutions will fail when the PST file is corrupted. So, in this case, the best solution is to use a professional solution and get rid of the PST file too large issue in Outlook. It restores the PST file to its normal state and solves the problem.

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