Places to visit in Jammu and Kashmir


This territory of India is definitively isolated into three locales specifically Jammu, Kashmir, and Ladakh which is covered by the powerful scopes of the Great Himalayas and Pir Panjal range. Because of the different beautiful spots to visit in Kashmir, it is regularly alluded to as India’s Switzerland, as the spot is honored with the most picturesque perspectives which merit a visit. The state has a not insignificant rundown of spots which mirrors nature’s excellence at its best which can’t be missed by any explorer.


Tarsar Marsar Trek 

Tarsar Marsar is a trip where elevated lakes end an unmistakable overflow of energy. It isn’t simply the way that you get to camp adjacent to these imperial blue, snow-took care of lakes (you don’t get this setting up camp possibility even at KGL). Or then again the isolated idea of these campgrounds. You get to evade the whole border of Tarsar and Sunder Sar, offering you various points of view of exactly the same lake!

subtle Marsar

Then there is the subtle Marsar, quite often concealed under a cover of mists. We see this lake from a shade, sitting 600 – 700 ft beneath. It is an ideal spot to observe the loftiness of the lake, with the sun transcending it. This is until dabs of mists drift their direction through the U-formed valley and settle over the lake. The lake vanishes from view in no time!



Broadly known as the ‘Glade of Flowers’, Gulmarg is a treat to the eyes with its spread of lively blossoms against snow covered mountains as foundations. Gulmarg is exceptionally popular for its skiing scenes in India. This town is situated on the Pir Panjal Range, which is a piece of the western Himalayas. This locale of Kashmir is otherwise called the explorer’s heaven in light of its immense choices of skiing in the snow while partaking in the perspectives around.

winter season

The best chance to visit Kashmir for snowfall is in the winter season for example December-January. Gulmarg has been a retreat for the lords like Yousuf Shah Chak and Jahangir who used to visit often. The old name of Gulmarg was “Gauri Marg”, the name of Lord Shiva’s soul mate. Yousuf Shah Chak changed its name to Gulmarg, meaning the spot or place/path of roses.



Kupwara is the retrogressive boondocks District of Kashmir Valley, loaded with beautiful excellence. Thick woods and rich untamed life make it huge according to the travel industry and natural life perspective. Nature has been extremely kind to Kupwara. Area Kupwara was cut out of structure past District Baramulla in the year 1979. A reflective site, Kupwara town is the unveiling of the most perfect locales of nature at any point seen.

natural life

Habitation to multitudinous natural life, plant and bird species, these regions give life among their amazing sights not exclusively to people who come to abide in the crude peacefulness looking for harmony and calm. Kupwara is a heaven inside the heaven and is an explorer’s charm. What makes it extraordinary is the way that it has not yet been popularized like other famous traveler places. It is an optimal location for any guest to absorb the immaculate excellence of Kashmir, its way of life and its people.



Kathua, town, southwestern Jammu and Kashmir association domain, northern India. It is located only west of the Ravi River and close to the line with Punjab state, around 45 miles (72 km) southeast of Jammu. Ordinarily called the “city of sufis”, this city in Jammu and Kashmir imparts the southern boundaries to Punjab and Himachal Pradesh.

The city has an enormous presence of Sufi altars of Pirs inside its limits. For the set of experiences darlings able to have a brief look at Kashmir’s past, Kathua should be on your rundown of top spots to visit in Kashmir. Arranged on the banks of a stream, Kathua offers sparkling perspectives and tranquil environment.  The city is moreover an entry to a state and a significant current town with equipped power presence.



The town of Kargil is best recollected to the Kargil War. When Indian military soldiers caught the Tiger Hill from infiltrators and arose triumphant in a long fight. The current day Kargil was once known as Purig. Gasho Thatha Khan, otherwise called the Purig Sultan, united all the fighting humble royal states in the area and was subject to his authority.

Kargil city

This Purig later on became Kargil which is today the central command of the Kargil region of Ladakh. Kargil fills in as a fantastic objective for experience exercises, for example, journeying, setting up camp, mountaineering, stream boating and so forth. A portion of the significant vacation destinations in this locale are the Nun and Kun tops. The Mulbek, the Zanskar Valley and so forth. Kargil city is popular for the Kargil War between India and Pakistan. Which was fought between May and July, in the year 1999. The conflict was battled in the District of Kashmir, along the now-renowned Line of Control or LOC, in India.

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