These days, you hear about the Coronavirus news. From the Coronavirus latest news, covid-19 is the diseases causing agent of viral infections. It is becoming a global pandemic for us.  It introduces the global economic recession. Known as Coronavirus, this illness has threatened community health on a large-scale.  It enforces every country across the globe to announce the lockdown to break the pandemic diseases. According to the UN Secretary-General, the circumstance during the COVID-19 pandemic period introduces crises.  It happened last time during World War II. Internationally, more than sixteen lakh individuals have been infecting by this pandemic disease. It makes happen over 82,000 deaths global.

The COVID 19 news say corona diseases first time see in Wuhan’s Chinese city in the last month of 2019. At that time, Experts noticed that these diseases transfer from animals to humans.  Since then, the covid-19 news has spread to various countries across the biosphere. These days, the disease is still now in over 100 countries across the sphere. There is no authentic vaccine or medicine present over-the-board to stop this viral illness from being a new virus disease. Since December last year, many assumptions and theories have come into being regarding the Coronavirus vaccine news. Not much study has been doing on covid-19 still now. Every country is full struggling to overcome the covid-19 pandemic infection.

In this article, Coronavirus news tell the information about the known and unknown fact of Covid 19 news.

Known Facts About Corona Virus -19

  1. This newly virus disease has been the first time seeing in the Chinese city of Wuhan. Here, many people got this pandemic infection from the material derived from cattle.
  2. Corona Virus 19 is scientifically known as SARS-CoV-2.
  3. Since the pandemic disease was discovered in 2019, the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared COVID-19.
  4. Only a few days pass, the World Health Organization has announced to call this coronavirus-19 as ‘Pandemic.’
  5. This virus has been examining under the family of viruses.
  6. Mostly, all virus infection ranges from a mild cold to severe sicknesses.
  7. According to the Coronavirus latest news, extreme diseases of viruses include Middle East Respiratory Syndrome and Acute Respiratory Syndrome.
  8. Mostly, these diseases transfer through physical contact, coughing, and sneezing. If any person is facing these things, it is the responsibility of them to remain in Quarantine.
  9. This corona viral disease is highly transmissible.
  10. In the Coronavirus news, experts tell few symptoms to appear in the beginning phase. But later, severe symptoms can see in the corona virus-infected people.
  11. The main symptoms linked with COVID-19 include dry cough, nasal congestion, fever, sore throat, diarrhea, tiredness, or running nose.
  12. No much medical intervention requires for the overcome of the covid-19. 80% of people have got recovery from coronavirus diseases.
  13. However, only one out of six infected individuals become extremely ill due to Covid-19. That person needs serious medical intervention as they improve breathlessness.
  14. Most people can avoid this pandemic virus disease. It would be best if you kept a social distance and by using sanitizer and soap. Clean your hands properly for few minutes.
  15. Cover your nose, eyes, and face with masks and any personal protective equipment.
  16. It would be best if you stopped the practice of handshaking and hugging.
  17. Please avoid traveling with the group during the coronavirus pandemic diseases.

Unknown Facts About The Covid-19 Disease

  1. No specific treatment listen to in the Coronavirus latest news to overcome the coronavirus disease. Most people get recovery by doing treatment according to the symptoms show in them.
  2. The vaccines for the Corona Virus 19 are being come in countries like the china and U.S. However, this vaccine is examining by many clinics and approved by local government agencies.
  3. A coronavirus-19-infected individual can transmit the infection to two or more individuals. So, keep alert if any covid-19 infected people are around you. Do not meet that person and keeping social distance.
  4. Mostly, Coronavirus attacks kids below ten years, older people, and those who have a weak immune system. If anybody already has any diseases, covid-19 pandemic diseases will easily attack that person.
  5. According to the Corona virus news, people with heart problems, blood pressure, and diabetes might quickly get these diseases.
  6. When the Coronavirus affected person coughs or sneezes, the droplets will come out contain the covid-19 virus. The virus elements present in air-suspended dews. It remains about 3 hours in the airborne drop suspensions.
  7. Wearing face masks is the best to stop the spreading of the covid-19 disease. But, it does not provide 100% guarantees to protect you from the COVID-19 transmission.
  8. Yes, the wearing of the masks will not release the droplets into the air. Every infected people with covid-19 or due to any other infection should wear the mask. Healthy people should always wear protective masks for safety.
  9. There is no research available to validate the re-occurrence of coronavirus-19 infection. If any people can do proper recovery, they should also follow the SOPs. For example, a Japanese lady was reported to have got the Coronavirus again after recovering from it once.
  10. Few people think that covid-19 is spreading slowdown in the summer days. But, it is not facts. Most people get infected during the summer season, so WHO declares that Coronavirus is not climate-dependent.
  11. There is no till suggestion given by the expert that when the COVID-19 infection eliminates from the world. When can we come back to the normal routine?

What Can We Expect From A Covid-19 Vaccine?

  1. Coronavirus vaccine news is frequently telling that a vaccine is a panacea. The vaccine will finally pack off the ubiquitous SARS-CoV-2 to history. But are our people possibly expecting too much of it, at least in the early phases?
  2. In the field of medication, there is a concept called sterilizing immunity. In this case, a vaccinated individual can expect total recovery from a coronavirus.
  3. But coronaviruses 19 pandemic disease are rarely that co-operative. Yes, the introduction of the covid-19 virus vaccine is best but not disappear the infection completely.
  4. The most advanced of the Covid-19 vaccine projects presently underway are being developed by AstraZeneca and Oxford University. Experiments show that vaccine protected the primates from developing pneumonia. But, amounts of the virus remained in the upper airways.