Quick Guide to Laka Glacier Trek

You must have heard about the Triund trek, one of the most common weekend treks from Delhi and Chandigarh. It is the easiest trek near Delhi, but nowadays it is overcrowded, so you must be looking for some alternatives. Here is an alternative: the Laka Glacier Trek, also known as the Triund and Laka Glacier Trek or Snowline Trek, is another booming trek in McLeodganj. It is one of the most beautiful winter treks one can undertake. This trek is idle for both first-timers and regular trekkers looking for an enthralling trekking experience.

Laka Glacier Trek is located at an altitude of 10,600 feet above sea level in Kangra Valley. With a short trek of 16 km from McLeodganj, one can easily reach the Laka glacier region. In fact, it is one of the easiest glacier treks and can be completed in 3 days and 2 nights.

Starting from Mcleodganj, the trails of the Laka glacier trek will take you through Bhagsunag waterfall, Shiva cafe, Maggi point, Triund, and ultimately to the Laka glacier trek. The whole trek will meander around the dense forest of rhododendrons and oak trees, with numerous birdwatching spots on the route. A carpet of wildflowers and grass will motivate you for your endeavour to reach the Laka Glacier.

Quick facts about the Laka Glacier Trek:

Height: 10,600 feet
Starting / Ending point- Mcleodganj
Total Trekking distance-32 km
Laka glacier trek difficulty:- Easy to Moderate
Minimum Eligible Age:- 8 years


1st Day:- McLeodgnj to Triund Camp

Report at Bhagsunag waterfall, where one of our trek leaders will brief you about the trek. After the briefing, we will start our trek at 10 AM and will reach the Triund trek top by 4 PM.

2nd Day: Triund Trek to Laka Glacier Trek

After enjoying the beautiful sunrise and delicious meals, we will continue our journey toward our ultimate trekking goal, the Laka glacier trek. A 6 km-long trek will be covered in 3–4 hours. The Laka Glacier Trek is a combination of both the Triund and Laka Glacier Treks. So today we will reach Laka by crossing the Triund top. After Triund top, the trails of the trek will get a bit challenging, with high mountains and deep valleys running all along the trekking route. After trekking for almost 6 km, we will reach the most beautiful location of this trek, which is the Laka glacier trek. After a continuous trek of 6 km along the dangerous and congested trail, a wide field of snow will appear in front of you. The literal meaning of Laka glacier is Mouth of Snow, and that is how it got its name. From the Laka glacier point, you will see a wide field of snow glittering all along the Dhauladhar range, feeding numerous streams in this area. After spending enough time and taking some beautiful pictures, we will start our descent to the Triund camping location and try to reach the camp before 4 PM.

3rd Day:-Triund camp to McLeodganj

After breakfast and enjoying some group activities organised by the company, it’s time to say goodbye to all the kitchen crew members and start descending by 10:00 AM. It is not going to take more than 3 to 4 hours to reach McLeodganj. We will reach there by 1 p.m., and here your journey will come to an end with lots of sweet memories. One expects to meet you again on some other trek with some new challenges around.

About Mcleodganj:-

McLeodganj is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Himachal Pradesh. Along with being a hill station, this place also promotes cultural and adventure tourism. Being the seat of Dalai Lama and the government in exile from Tibet, it has the maximum influence on Tibetan culture. So in McLeodganj, you will find a perfect mix of Tibetan, Indian and English cultures. This place is heaven for all food lovers, here they will get multiple cuisines from various parts of the world.

Places to visit near the Laka glacier trek:

Dalai Lama Temple: After his exile from Tibet, Dalai Lama selected Mcleodgaj as his new home. Since then, he has been staying at this place and continuing his preaching. When you visit McLeodganj, you should definitely visit the Dalai Lama Temple. The serene environment and blessings in the air will purify your inner being.

Tibetan Temple: In the middle of the McLeodganj market, you will find a beautiful Tibetan temple. Please visit that temple and accustom yourself to their culture and tradition.

Mcleodganj Market: – While talking about the Laka glacier trek, how can we miss visiting the beautiful market of McLeodganj? Shops on both sides of the street selling handicraft goods and Tibetan flags make it one of the most attractive markets in the world. Located at an altitude of 2082 meters, Mcleodganj Market is one of the most loved and attractive markets.

Dharamshala Stadium:- If you are a cricket fan or a nature lover, then you must have heard about Dharamshala Stadium. Established in 2003, this beautiful stadium is managed by the Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association. It is located in the middle of high mountains, with a colourful market along the slope of the Dhauladhar range. This stadium remains open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. for common visitors.

Important points to take care of:

Trekking is an adventure sport, so it also demands team spirit. While on the trek, you have to work like a team with other co-trekkers. This will make your trek easy and safe.

– Keep a water bottle with a minimum capacity of 750 mL and keep seeping water at regular intervals. It will keep your body hydrated.

-Carry chocolates, an energy bar, or some dry fruits with you and keep popping them at regular intervals while on the trek. It will keep your energy high.

-Don’t haste while on the trek. It’s a popular saying on mountains that you won’t be a Gama in the land of Lama, which means don’t be overly smart in the land of Lamas. Your smartness can cost you or someone else life. So it’s recommended to start early, go slow, and reach your destination on time.

-Always carry the government-authorized document with you and produce it whenever you are asked to do so.

-Mountains are like temples for the locals living in this area, so it’s a gentle request to all the trekkers to maintain the serenity of these areas by keeping them clean and respecting the values and ethics of local people.

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