Best Tactics to Build a Successful Real Estate Auction Platform

Real estate online auctions are on the rise as more and more people prefer investing in properties and wish to buy homes at cost-effective prices. Providing ease and convenience to both home buyers and sellers should be the main motive of your real estate auction software. Talking about the type of properties that goes on sale, there are bank-owned or foreclosure properties where interested buyers bid on them online.

As the competition in the real estate industry is quite high, you must be aware of the latest market trends & features that successful real estate professionals are making use of. To help you with some of the tricks and tips, we have brought a list of hand-picked ideas that can be useful to develop a successful real estate online auction platform.

What are the things to keep in mind for building successful real estate online auction software?

1. Go for Competitors and Market Research

Knowing what your current market trends are and what your business competitors are doing differently is always a great idea if you wish to gain a competitive advantage. This is the first important thing you must focus on before you start the product development process. The best suggestion is to perform a discovery phase for a better analysis of the product idea, specific business requirements, possible risk evaluation, etc. This also helps in choosing the right aspects such as core business goals, desired features, technology stack, architecture, customers’ pain points, limitations, wireframes, and more.

2. Build a Unique Value Proposition

As we have discussed above, the competition in the real estate online auction market is quite high! That is the reason why one must focus on creating a unique value proposition that makes your service offerings different and unique from what competitors are doing. For instance, you can add a loan calculator or financing systems to attract more bids on home sales.

One of the trending ideas for short-term finance help is bridge loans that offer help to homeowners to buy a new home before they sell their old one. In this scenario, the existing home acts as collateral, and a bridge loan helps in paying the down payment, bid closing costs, or remaining payment on the existing loan.

3. Choose the Desired Development Type

You have two common options in terms of development type for your needs i.e. outsourcing or choosing in-house. Finding a suitable option can sometimes be a difficult one! Let’s make it easier for you. In-house development enables product owners like you to stay in control by working with the team, making decisions together & checking out outcomes when ready. But you must be aware that in-house takes more time and more resources. On the other hand, Outsourcing needs lesser personal

control and can be backed by project managers who work as mediators between product owners and the team. And it doesn’t require much time and effort.

4. Develop MVP and Launch Product

If you wish to build an online auction real estate platform with immense benefits, it is very important to start the development process with an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). This is very effective when you want to launch your product fast by saving both time and money. The MVP version only represents the basic core features of your future product and doesn’t need much money like it would take to build a fully-featured product. MVP acts as the best way to turn your idea into the actual project which can be represented to investors/audience.

5. Track Real-Time Auctions

Your real estate online auction platform must be capable of tracking all the currently placed bids and receiving all the bid updates giving control to all the current auction activities. This not only helps users to react to changes but also helps in providing all the basic bid information on their bidding as well as bidding placed by other participants. This feature is very helpful in tracking and thereby makes the work very transparent. You can also add a good rating system that enables users to create listings of trusted sellers for better transparency.

6. Collect Customer Feedback

After the launch of your auction platform, your task is not over yet. This stage is very important to collect and analyze the users’ feedback. Once all the valuable feedback is reviewed, you can figure out which features work best and which features need improvement. Focus on the updates and make them better for your users. Fixing bugs or issues can be very beneficial to improve the system and will even guarantee success in your auction real estate platform.

Understanding User Roles of Your Real Estate Online Auction Platform

Most of the real estate auction platforms have three user roles i.e. home sellers, buyers, and moderators, which act as a connection between the buyers and sellers. Let’s discuss the user types and their roles.

– Sellers

The home sellers can be homeowners, property agents, asset managers, and investors on the real estate auction platform.


– Buyers

They are the ones who are interested in buying properties. However, they can also be real estate brokers, agents, or real estate investors who buy a property for re-sale and get better profits.


– Moderator/Platform Owner

A moderator is the one responsible for managing the entire platform’s work. They are responsible for handling sales/purchases of properties, handling transactions, user verification, etc.

Closing Statement

Undoubtedly, you must have got an idea of how you can build your real estate auction software to make it a success. However, choosing the right development partner is very essential to help you bring out the best features. Whether you are a real estate startup owner or an established firm owner, make sure that you are aware of all the tips stated above to help you build the right solution aligned with the latest trends and technologies. For any queries, make sure that you hire skilled professionals that have good technical expertise and can guide you throughout the development process to ensure the maximum likelihood of your real estate online auction platform.


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