Tips to plan a Skandagiri Trek


Skandagiri, a night walk near Bangalore, is a must for adventure and environment lovers who may spend the night camping in front of a spectacular bonfire. This 10-kilometer Skandagiri hike begins two hours before daylight, with climbers traversing through the wilderness till they reach the summit.

When it comes to trekking in the Skandagiri highlands, there are a few things to keep in mind. Having these dos and don’ts figured out can ensure a pleasant trekking experience.

  • Make sure you have everything you’ll need for camping and hiking.
  • Bring plenty of water because the journey can be exhausting.
  • Have all of the necessary safety equipment on hand in case you need it throughout the walk.
  • Bring the necessary accessories for the journey to provide a pleasant and easy trekking experience.
  • Make sure you have all of your medications and first-aid supplies on hand.
  • Take your time on the trek and be cautious on the road.
  • If you’re visiting during the monsoon, don’t forget to bring the necessary clothing with you.
  • Only carry the essential toiletries in the waterproof bag, not the extras.
  • Throughout the walk, apply sunscreen and bug repellent.

When should you go on the Skandagiri Trek?

Except for the rainy season, all of the months are ideal for organising a trip to this stunning location. However, to get the most out of the picturesque sights, the walk should be planned during the winter or monsoon seasons. In the winter, you have access to a clear sky, which means you can stargaze without being interrupted by clouds. The flora and animals inspire you to trek further during the monsoon season. Summer treks to Skandagiri can also be organised, but whether you can beat the hot sun is up to you. As a result, be cautious when planning your excursion.

On the Skandagiri Trek, what to do

There aren’t as many attractions as you’d like to see in this location. However, the few that the location has to offer are well worth your time. There are more possibilities to explore in addition to stargazing at night and breathtaking vistas throughout the day. The Vivekananda Falls are located in the beautiful Kittanahalli village, which is 12 kilometers from Chikkaballapur village. A must-see is the Ranganatha Swamy Temple. Tipu’s Drop and Tipu’s Summer Residence are two attractions in Nandi Hills. Mountain biking and paragliding are two other activities available in the Nandi Hills. Other attractions include Amrita Sarovar and Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple, as well as Brahmastram Cave.

Nearby Attractions to Skandagiri

The following are some of the sites to visit around Skandagiri:

Grover Zampa Vineyards:

If you’re a wine enthusiast, this is the place to be. This location is located 40 kilometers north of Bangalore. The vineyards cover 410 acres and allow visitors the opportunity to tour the exquisite wineries, partake in wine tastings, and dine on lunch buffets.

Nandi Hills:

This magnificent adventure place will take 3 to 4 hours of your time, and you must either see the sunrise or sunset there. The Nandi Durga fort, a distinctive horticulture park, the Nandi temple, and a special Shiva Parvati temple are some of the major sights to see while you are here, located 60 kilometres from Bangalore. Because of its altitude and paths, the hill top is also well-known among cyclists.

Ghati Subramanya:

Located a few kilometres from Skandgiri, this is a well-known pilgrimage site. It is a well-known Hindu temple for the deities Lord Subramanya and Lord Lakshmi Narasimha, who are part of the same idol and face east and west, respectively. Pilgrims flock to the temple in large numbers, especially during Brahmarathotsava.


This off-the-beaten-path historical site is around 50 kilometres from Skandgiri. It’s known as the dancing hamlet near Bangalore, and it’s dedicated to dancer worship. Teachers from all over India come to teach a variety of regional and traditional dance disciplines, including Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi, and Odissi.

Vasantha Habba,

a unique festival held in the village, is a popular event that attracts many dancers and visitors who come to see the dance performances. The Hessarghatta reservoir, which is close by, adds to the overall picturesque attractiveness of the landscape.

During the Skandagiri Trek, where should you eat?

On your route to the hike, eating should not be a major concern. Snacks, tea, cookies, and cold drinks, as well as plenty of water, are readily available. If you want to enjoy a good meal, you can sit for a few minutes in one of the few restaurants in Chikkaballapura. Some of the restaurants you can visit include Kamat Upachar Restaurant, Hotel Babuji, Chandru Hotel, and Swathi Restaurant, to name a few.

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