Style Your Pakistani Designer Clothes in Unique Way with Shireen Lakdawala


Everyone has an item or two lying in their wardrobe, turning Shireen Lakdawala’s formal piece into a style file. Statement neckpieces, flattering scarfs, or even conversation-starting handbags! The best thing that comes with these pieces is their unique ability to lift your look, requiring little or no effort.

In this blog, you will learn more to style up your Pakistani designer clothes in a whole way. For this reason, you are required to select a piece from Shireen’s contemporary collection of Pakistani clothes from the website. Next, you can pick an accessory to pair up with that compliments your Pakistani dresses.

Well-designed and stylish jewelry:

Once you have opted for Pakistani formal wear, you must find a matching piece of jewelry for yourself. If the dress is simple for a wedding function, you can opt for bold and chic details of statement necklaces, stone earrings, rings, or a bracelet.

However, if it’s for a party or family brunching, you can go for light-weighted chains and studs to pair up with. It would be best to learn that never go over-board with accessories, and it doesn’t look good.


Footwear is yet another significant element on the list! Quite a few studies reveal that pairing your shoes with clothes has a lot to say about your personality traits as well. For example, you are required to find the perfect pair of shoes that balances out your Pakistani formal wear.

Shoes can lift your style. You cannot opt for a pair of shoes that makes your Pakistani designer clothes look dull. Therefore it is essential to opt for one that helps you stand against the crowd.

Hand accessories:

Hand accessories, including a watch or bracelet, are a must and termed as a necessity! Never leave your wrist empty. Make sure that one of your wrists has something on it. If you don’t like a watch, wear a light-weighted bracelet or vice versa.

When you have opted for Pakistani designer dresses at a wedding party, pair them with a clustered-looking bracelet. This looks great!


Unarguably, sunglasses are a perfect accessory that complements your Pakistani clothes in a day event. If it’s a brunch day-out with your friends, opt for a pair of sunglasses. It protects your eyes from sunlight and keeps your look classy.


Get a handbag and a clutch that balances your Shireen Lakdawala outfit. It’s a necessary item on the list! For instance, if you wear a bright-coloured outfit, you can pair it up with a black or brown color handbag. If you are wearing a pastel color, you can pair it with a white or blush pink color handbag.

Shireen Lakdawala offers bridal and formal clothing pieces. Once you have placed an order from the website, you can pair the high-quality clothing with the accessories listed above to lift your style game.

Place an order today, and get it delivered within 2-4 weeks at your doorstep.

Happy Shopping!

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