The social function of life insurance

Nobody is comfortable thinking about their own death; we find the most varied excuses when they ask us to take out ownership of life insurance and all of them with the intention of rejecting or postponing the decision:

  • “I’m not going to die yet; I don’t need it.”
  • “I am young and healthy.”
  • “My spouse also works and will take care of our children.”
  • “I already have insurance that pays the mortgage.”

All these objections collapse if we stick to the real reason for this product, which is the only one that is contracted for the exclusive benefit of our loved ones, which fulfills the very important function of substituting our economic contribution within the family, our daily work at home, our care, etc.

Let us bear in mind that in a family, it is not only necessary to cover the absence of family income but also the care of children, and the home must be supplied if the person who performs them ceases to exist.

If you are not there, your family will have to face some very difficult moments that can last over time and condition the future of your children.

Have you thought about how you could ensure the well-being of your loved ones?

Life insurance can help you guarantee some, several, or all of these objectives:

  • Compensate for the deficit resulting from the loss of income of the family nucleus by replacing their income with insured widow’s and orphan’s pensions.
  • Have the necessary help in the daily tasks of the home and the care of the children.
  • Assure their children an inheritance from the moment of hiring.
  • Guarantee a sufficient dowry for the children’s university studies.
  • Deal with the numerous expenses that occur with inheritance procedures, taxes, fees, fees, etc.
  • If it has been combined with savings insurance, it will also provide you with a financial instrument that consolidates a guaranteed capital for retirement.

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