The Ultimate TV Show Guide: A List of the Best and Worst Shows to Watch on Netflix.

The television industry is changing. If your favorite shows are no longer on TV, don’t worry. Netflix has got you covered with its large library of timeless and quality television shows that will be worth watching. 

From sitcoms like Friends to suspenseful Reel Craze like the Jack Ryan franchise, Netflix is a treasure trove of entertainment for those who want to enjoy TV in the comfort of their own homes. Check out this list of top picks from the best and worst shows on Netflix to find your next binge-worthy TV show.

The Best TV Shows on Netflix

The best TV shows on Netflix are those that can keep you binge-watching from beginning to end without getting bored. Some of these shows, like Stranger Things and Breaking Bad, are phenomenal series that have been around for years. Others, like Black Mirror and BoJack Horseman, are relatively new but still worth checking out.

The Worst TV Shows on Netflix

One of the worst TV shows on Netflix is 13 Reasons Why. This show deals with suicide in high school and has been getting a lot of controversies because some people think it’s glamorizing suicide. The show also has quite a few problems that make it unsuitable for children. 

For example, the show includes a scene where Hannah’s friend is shown smoking pot and there are multiple scenes featuring nudity. Other not-so-good picks for TV shows on Netflix include Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return, Arranged, and Krypton.

Some good picks for TV shows on Netflix include Bates Motel, Stranger Things, Black Mirror, and The Incredible Jessica James.

These are just some of the best and worst TV shows you can watch on Netflix. There are tons of other options from both categories that might fit your taste as well!

How to Get the Most Out of Your Netflix Membership

The best way to maximize your Netflix membership is to take advantage of their recommendations. If you’ve been watching something and it suddenly ends, Netflix will recommend similar things that you might like. It’s the perfect way to find new TV shows and Reelcraze to watch.

Another great thing about Netflix is that they offer suggestions for members with different tastes. If you like horror, then get ready to watch some of the most terrifying shows on Netflix. For action lovers, there are plenty of thrillers on Netflix that will keep you entertained for hours on end. And if drama is more up your alley, then check out some of the best dramedies streaming on Netflix.

Netflix has a lot going for them; from recommendations to special categories tailored for members’ preferences, there’s no reason not to enjoy this service as much as possible!


Get the most out of your Netflix membership by watching the best and the worst shows on Netflix.


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