Things To Keep In Mind When Buying Wedding Jewellery

Indian weddings are grand affairs. There is a huge guest list, majestic venues, lip-smacking delicacies, and what not. But it is always the bride and her gorgeous attire that manages to steal the limelight. And why not? A lot of time, effort, and money is spend in deciding the whole dress.


A single bridal shopping can take weeks or even months. From deciding the lehenga to buying the perfect wedding jewellery, it all can be quite time-consuming. But if you are a smart bride, there are some hacks to ensure whatever the shopping you do, is right on point. And since you are already reading this article, we are sure you know how to deal with shopping.


Buying wedding jewellery can be tricky and that’s why we have jotted down the easiest tips to make sure you have no regrets. Read on and make your checklist:


  1. Decide the Budget

Wedding jewellery is always royal and majestic. This means high prices and they are increasing every year. For instance, the price of long gold chain designs in 20 grams has changed drastically over the years. The same has happened with diamond and silver jewellery too. Thus, it is extremely important to set a budget first. Once you have a budget, you can explore various style and designs such as diamond jewellery, gold jewellery, or kundan jewellery sets.


  1. Make a List

Along with the budget, you should also make a list of jewellery you have to buy. For a wedding, a bride typically needs maang tika, earrings, rings, choker, rani haar, anklets, bangles, waistband, nath, and so on. So, make a list to ensure you do not miss any important jewellery. Also, do check your heirloom jewellery to see if there is any piece that can save you from extra spending.


  1. Opt For Evergreen Designs

No doubt that you have to buy wedding jewellery that complements your style buy it is also important to know that this is a huge investment. Thus, you need to buy designs that can also stay relevant in future and you can wear them easily after your wedding too. We would suggest you to opt for chand baaliyan and evergreen kundan jewellery. Or try the simple gold jewellery that stays in trend all the time.


  1. Keep Your Face Shape And Skin Tone In Mind

Not many people know but keeping your face shape and skin tone in mind is an essential part of jewellery shopping. For instance, it is believed that if you have a long and elongated face, chokers and danglers look the best on you. Similarly, for oval-shaped faces, opt for a long necklace that extends below the neckline, along with chandelier earrings.


Skin tone also plays a vital role in deciding the right jewellery. If you have cool skin tone, white gold looks the best. But if you have warm skin tone, kundan and gold jewellery can enhance your glow even more.


  1. Buy Jewellery First

There is a common confusion about whether you buy the dress first or the jewellery. Well, the right answer is jewellery. It is a huge investment and thus, you should make wedding jewellery your priority. Second thing is that, this way you will not have to worry about the colour scheme or overall look. You can select your jewellery first and then buy complementing attires.


  1. Buy Your Jewellery From Trusted Jewellers

If there is one thing you just cannot afford about your wedding jewellery to go wrong, it is the quality and authenticity. Thus, always buy the jewellery from a trusted vendor whether you are shopping online or offline. Check the hallmark certifications, read the exchange and returns policy, and get a proper bill.



Wedding jewellery has the charm to make your look extraordinary. So, take your time and buy it after considering all the tips and factors.

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