Food delivery is the most wanted in the future. Going out of restaurants and facing rude face hosts are out of date now. Food ordering is always been a hassle either scream your order or defending background noise. So some food delivery apps serve you by just pressing few screen buttons can get access to dozens of yummiest restaurants.

5 Food delivery apps for Android and IOS

1. DoorDash:

This is the downloadable application on Android and iOS. DoorDash is the most demanding food delivery app that can deliver lunch, breakfast, and dinner from your most favorite restaurant. This app can also deliver beverages and alcoholic drinks from breweries, stores, and restaurants.  When you use the user link get free delivery on the first order.

2. Uber Eats:

Uber and Uber eats are different applications with and provide different services. They have to deliver on expected time. There is no other option to trust the uber drivers to drive safely so also deliver you the best quality food. UberEats recently launched Ando: delivery of only lunch menu that manage by some industrial kitchen around Manhattan.  This service is available in Japan, Mexico, India, United States, Brazil, including many countries

3. FoodPanda:

This is the most famous online food application, which has been running in 41 different countries. FoodPanda started its service in 2012 and the headquarter of this company is in Berlin, Germany. This company is famous to provide food on time and got banded with almost 40,000 local restaurants in different cities. The main reason behind the acceptance of FoodPanda delivery is the grand database of hotels from numerous cities and reached of offers and rebates. It accepts cash on delivery, credit card, and debit card methods.

4. Swiggy:

This is the most rated no.1 food delivery application in India and is recently available in other cities of the country. This most rated application of mobile has almost 1,500,000 in the Play store and is based in Bengalur and India. Swiggy is available on Android and iOS. This application comes forward to facilitate the user-free delivery from hotels to big these uptime foodies. It has a wallet function so that users can save money and pay for transactions. It allows food lovers to order their favorite food through nearby hotels and locations can be detected so that food can deliver as soon as possible.

5. GrubHub:

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This application is vastly spread to more than 30,000 restaurants in more than 800 communities of the U.S that ensure the user satisfies their taste buds to make it the best food ordering application.

The headquarter of GrubHub is in Chicago, Ney York, and London. It was launched in 2004, which allowed partnership and creation relationships with other restaurants. The company managed all orders in a 24/7 customers team. Order details can be saved for future orders as well. It facilitates their clients to search for desired food and search the list of nearby restaurants.

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