Home is said to be one’s sanctuary, and designing it as per their aesthetic is one of the most critical aspects of one’s life. Your sacred space and the décor shall suit your style, particularly your unique personality. In 2022, Carafina brings across the latest trends of interior design in Bangalore to make you live in your comforting space peacefully and rejoice in your interior choice every day.

Let’s dive into the top 5 latest trends of 2022 in interior designs listed herein:

2022 has brought immense changes in fashion and lifestyle. Without further ado, let’s dive into the top 5 latest trends that can help you choose the best as per your style and comfort. 

  • Floral is back in fashion.

The floral age had been long gone, but in 2022, floral is making an extraordinary comeback again. The floral trend mixed with pastel prints can make your home look unique and colorful. It has given a vintage touch and made Victorian-era lovers want more. The floral wallpapers, patterned flower rugs, floral paintings, and petal prints on the cushion can amaze the spectator in every way possible. This has indeed given a positive vibe to the aesthetic look and texture of the home.

  • Monochrome palette

Monochromatic designs represent calm and peace with their minimalist texture and boldness. It is the ideal palette for people loving black and white contemporary looks. The matte finish structured with a monochromatic palette can grab attention instantly. The simplistic designs, progressive geometric portraits, and adding a touch of woody green plant elements can give a flattering and jaw-doping look to your dream space.

  • Wooden flooring

Wooden flooring gives a feeling of warm coziness and, at the same time, makes your home look classy. A vinyl wooden flooring engineered with beautiful timber can make your room appear spacious and natural. A wooden flooring paired with a vintage carpet is the call of the hour, maximizing the comfort. The elegant wooden flooring is sure to leave a great first impression. One benefit of a wooden floor is adding a variety of décor and color to suit your preference.

  • Tech-oriented

The tech-oriented design and smart home ecosystem can make your home luxury step a level high to maximize your comfort. The tech-oriented interior can give a modern and futuristic look to your home. The digitalized and customized home environment can add a premium, luxurious touch to your home. The lavish high-tech accessories will add to simplifying your lifestyle and will also complement as room décor. The mood-setting lights. Motion sensing lightings, virtual assistants, and smart-tech laminates are awestruck additions that can be done for our home.

  • Stained glass 

Stained glass home furnishing has made a comeback in these modern times. The contemporary design and décor can give a transitional look across rooms. The stained glass also allows natural light to venture in, providing a timeless beauty to your home space. The stained glass décor offers a sublime minimalist look. It can be paired up with mosaic art pieces and sculpture to accentuate the colors and re-defining a rich and classy home look.

Let comfort be a part of your luxury. Choose Carafina for the most affordable, remarkable, and trendiest interior design in BangaloreWe believe in offering the best for the best.


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