Since A$AP Mob’s VLONE is exceptionally renowned, it’s an ideal opportunity to become acquainted with better the most blazing brand existing apart from everything else, after some spring up stores all throughout the planet (additionally in Milan at Slam Jam) and a cooperation with OFF-WHITE.

Following seven months since their presentation assortment, A$AP Bari and A$AP Rocky have made the mark of the circumstance of their image in a meeting with High sobriety. The idea appears to concern Orson Welles’ notable statement “We’re conceived alone, we live alone, we kick the bucket alone. Just through our affection and companionship would we be able to make the figment for the second that we’re in good company”, an idea that frequently shows up in the two rappers’ words while they talk about Harlem, their profession and, most importantly, the significance of vlone shirts.

Thus, here there are the 5 things you should think about the streetwear brand:

#1 You live alone, you pass on alone. It’s Rocky who gives us a conclusive importance of the brand, declining a wide range of generalizations of design foundation and taking a gander at it as a dress line, yet a genuine way of life, which can be summed up with the mantra: “Live alone, kick the bucket alone”. The rapper likewise needs to underline that VLONE resembles a group, a group where on the top we can discover A$AP Bari, A$AP Rocky and CLOT’s Edison Chen, however without an unbending order structure. “We are in general a group. No one truly has a lot of a [official] position” said Rocky.

2 Vlone Friends.

Bari uncovers the significance of the T-shirts with the Friends the less works on them: “In the event that you less anything it’s “zero.” Minus life. Less style. Less food. Anything you put a less to, you end up with nothing. So the entire significance behind the T-shirt is that “less companions” signifies “zero companions”. Thus, similar to a fixation, the thought behind the brand “Live alone, bite the dust alone” returns over and over.

3 Vlone Inspiration.

VLONE is anything but a basic attire brand, however an inclination to share, a way of life. Thus, the principal wellspring of motivation during the inventive approach is only the rapper’s lives. “My entire apparel experience is simply founded on my life, you feel me? I don’t awaken and go purchase the most current high design. I attempt to get things done by beating around things rather. Than simply going directly to current realities” so clarifies Bari.

4 Harlem.

The New York’s region from which Bari and Rocky come from (actually like the remainder of the A$AP Mob) is consistently in the rappers’ brains. It addresses their set of experiences, their way of life, from which they draw motivation and that they need to communicate to the world. As Bari says: “What I do is taking Harlem and bringing it somewhere else”.

5 Pop-up store(s).

The two rappers are certain beyond a shadow of a doubt of the significance of spring up stores. Which are viewed dislike a style. Yet as a genuine medium to offer their garments to a chose public they can identify with. In such manner. They don’t lament their choice to keep away from a spring up store in Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles. To underline they would prefer not to be stirred up with every one of the marks on the renowned Californian road. “I’m not streetwear, not high style, hood style. I do my poop for the hood niggas” Bari winds up, affirming again that VLONE isn’t style, however it’s life.