Top 8 UI Pattern To Design A Mobile App Like A Pro

If you are looking for great mobile app designs for your mobile app, then you must opt for the best mobile app ui/ux design. It is because the mobile app designers of a reputed UI/UX design company always look for a functional mobile app interface with great design. In addition, they possess a clear understanding of the various mobile app designing factors such as understanding UI design patterns, knowledge of various designing tools, and unique aesthetic to suit the project requirements.

There is no denying fact that most successful mobile apps are designed with the best UI pattern that delivers more flexibility to a mobile app. So, if you are looking for a mobile app that will deliver useful value to your business and your life, make sure your mobile app offers both simplicity and functionality. But the question is how can you balance these two qualities in a single mobile? Then you can get the right answer and solution from the best UI designers who can transform your imagination into reality by designing excellent UI patterns.

Know About Some of the UI Design Patterns for a Mobile App:

Though you can find various UI design patterns that are useful and efficient but make sure your mobile app comprises certain UI designs that suit the purpose of your app. If you hire the best Mobile App Design Company, the UI design experts will cater for your need and offer you the best solution. Now, look at some of the UI design patterns that are commonly used for any mobile app.

1. Action Bars:

Action bars offer various advantages to the users such as:

  • It allows the users quick access to frequently used actions including search, sharing and creating new content within the app.
  • Action bars attract users’ attention to the most important and relevant actions on the app such as clearing away clutter and many more.

2. Social Login:

This particular UI design pattern allows users to get a fast and easy way of logging in through various processes including:

  • Signing up with an existing social network account to ensure a hassle-free login.
  • Users don’t have to set up another account for signing up, rather they can use their existing account no matter whether it is a Facebook, Twitter or Google account.
  • It does not force the users to enter their details into an unfamiliar app.

3. Huge Buttons:

Make sure your mobile app is featured with clear large buttons. It is because simplicity is the ultimate key to success for a mobile app. It is recommended to fix 72 pixels screen tap size to ensure the ideal touch. In addition, there are several advantages of huge buttons such as:

  • It works as a guide to the users that help them to know what to do or not.
  • Huge buttons are ideal for applications also because it allows people to know about the new activity and actions without much difficulty.

4. Notifications:

As you know people go through a lot of information every day from the various digital platforms. But it is also true that you can’t be on your mobile phone for 24 hours. So, there would be a chance for you to miss the most important information. But don’t worry, with the best UI design it is possible to stay updated with the latest facts and news. It is because UI design for Notification highlight will highlight you about the recent activity. Let’s get a clear idea with some examples:

  • Facebook displays notifications about new products with a popup banner.
  • LinkedIn and Quora do it by placing a numbered badge on labels with content.

5. Splash Screen:

A splash screen is the first screen of a mobile app. So, it is important to have an attractive UI design that can engage users’ interest. So make sure your splash screen is featured with impressive illustrations, engaging headlines and additional components. If you opt for quality Mobile App Design Services, they will help you to create an effective splash screen by considering several additional features such as:

  • Strive for simplicity
  • Showing the screen more than 3 seconds
  • Adding a progress bar if necessary

6. Onboarding Screen:

Onboarding screens are mainly designed for demonstrating the main features and benefits of a mobile app. Make sure your onboarding screen has the basic functions including:

  • Familiarize a user about your app’s major functionalities
  • Allow making a registration

7. Home Screen:

As the name suggests, Home Screen presents the menu and key features of a mobile app. So, it contains the major options including a search field. The advantages of Home Screen include:

  • It allows the users to understand the functionalities of an app
  • The design of the home screen is parallel to the app’s functionalities
  • It presents key navigation elements for a mobile app.

8. App Lock With Admob Ads+ Google Analytics+ Firebase Integration:

This is a typical locker design mainly for Android apps. This UI pattern is designed with an eye-catching UI to manage Applock. Now look at the special features of App lock which includes:

  • Light Weight APK size
  • It saves upto 50% battery life
  • Featured with PIN and Pattern Passcode, Google Analytics.
  • It is also integrated with Google Firebase
  • It is easy to reskin


UI or User Interface design contributes to creating more successful mobile apps that are easy to use. They allow the users to learn the functionalities in a hassle-free manner. UI design patterns are considered as the best practice offered by the designers, developers, analysts, testers and product managers to solve any mobile app related problems. They will cater for the need of your business and then try to understand what the various mobile design patterns will help you recognize your specific needs. So, it is always recommended to hire the Best Mobile App Design Company that is treasured with dedicated designers, developers, analysts, testers and a fully professional team who offers 24/7 support. In general, a mobile user interface design is a graphical pattern that allows the users to interact with the devices app’s, features, content and functions seamlessly. But Mobile user interface design is different from those of desktop, it is because they are specially designed for the smaller screen. It is a challenging task to strike a balance between attending an effective and simple UI design for a mobile app. But hire ui ux design services provider to make this task possible with their best skills and knowledge.

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