Top Five Things You Can Do with A Broken Graphics Card

Anyone with any kind of technical experience knows a GPU card is one of the most important parts in the modern computer. A GPU is also known as a graphics card or a video card. They are vital to gaming, graphic design and cryptocurrency mining. Add to that the NFT craze, GPUs are in demand. GPUs are a hot commodity now, with people paying good money for them. Even a broken video card is worth something. Here are the five best things you can do with a broken GPU card.

1. Make money off it. Did you know that many computer parts contain rare earth metals and minerals? Even broken parts often contain enough gold, silver or copper to pay for a new part. There are many reputable dealers online who will give you a fair price for your broken graphics card. The cash or cryptocurrency you can get for these parts is at a premium right now. Why not maximize their value? Turn your e-waste garbage into gold.

2. Recycle it. One of the most unfortunate by-products of the technology revolution is e-waste. Many of the components that make up our computers and devices contain toxic chemicals or elements. Not to mention, those rare Earth metals don’t appear out of thin air. Mining is still a thing, it’s bad for the environment, and the less we do it, the better. Proper disposal of certain components, and recycling of others, is the duty of every environmentally conscious tech user.

3. Fix it. If you’re one of those old school tech heads that is handy with a soldering iron, you can bring a broken video card back to life. This practice dovetails nicely with being a greener techie. Fixing components extends their life and helps reduce the strain on resources. Fixing your equipment is also a flex and a nod to the tech forefathers.

4. Trade it. Barter goes back to the beginnings of the home computing revolution. Back in the day techies would regularly trade components. Due to the overwhelming demand for GPUs, their trade value has never been higher. You could trade a broken graphics card for all sorts of other gear. Have a box full of broken GPUs? You could parlay them into a shiny new one.

5. Donate it. We’ve talked about how valuable even a broken video card can be. If you are already in a good place and are looking to give back, you can donate your used or broken devices and components to charity. There are many great nonprofits out there who would love your old gear. They do the same stuff with it that you do. They might fix it, use it or give it to someone less fortunate. If they can’t fix it, they might sell it to one of those online retailers and take the money. Whatever they do with it, you can feel good that your old stuff is helping someone else.

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