When planning an international trip, it is necessary to have a hunch about the culture and people and the necessities and products required to be carried. Anyone who has traveled internationally knows that this is a tedious process coupled with the excitement and enthusiasm of visiting a foreign country. Often, we tend to forget necessary information and flight rules and commit an error in judgment.  We are here to assist you with all the essential information required for anyone looking to travel to the USA. While you book your international flights to USA from India, we will be listing down tips necessary for anyone heading towards the USA.

Do not use American slang words

We want to start our article by listing the most important and crucial tip. Do not use the N-word or racist language while you are in the USA. Being racist is wrong, and it is a universal fact that racism is and should be condoned and punished. Using the N-word for African-American people or even lip-syncing it during a song can get you in serious trouble with the law. Partaking in styling your hair into dreadlocks is also seen as offensive to the culture of the African-American community. Using racial slurs and language towards any community is heavily condoned and be sure to research American slangs before your trip.

Lack of public transportation

The USA may be one of the most technologically advanced countries, but it lacks public transport. Buses and rental cars are available in limited amounts. While booking your international flights to USA from India, keep in mind that you may have to borrow your relative’s or friend’s car while embarking on a travel journey.

Non-allowance of food items

Food items such as fruits, pickles, and any eatable item are forbidden to be carried after your landing. The food is tossed away when checked, and a warning lets you off. Do not lie about not having food in your luggage as you are reprimanded for this error.

Tipping is always anticipated

Unlike India, where tipping a waiter is a personal choice, it is expected strictly in the USA to tip the waiters. Unlike India, where a waiter’s salary is included in the bill, the USA waiters depend on their daily wages through the tips given. Hence, for namesake, tipping is forbidden, and you have to tip a waiter generously no matter which restaurant you dine.

Walk-in pairs

The USA may not be the safest place to travel even tho it ranks comparatively higher than other countries. There are many shady places, and robbers target the nighttime to carry out a robbery. It is a falsehood to assume that the USA has zero cases of poverty. The USA also houses several homeless people concerned about filling their stomachs and would go to any extent to fulfill that. Robberies are not common, but there are chances of it taking place late-night, so walk in pairs or rely upon the police.

Sales taxes are not included

While shopping, you may be shocked to see the high rise in the product’s final price. Most of the states handle tax differently, and the way they display this differs significantly. Keep this in mind to avoid misperception.

Driving on the left side

While it is an unwritten rule to drive on the left side in most countries, this rule differs profoundly in The USA. Americans go mostly on the right side of the road. Also, a notable fact is an American car has the driver’s seat on the left side as opposed to the right side. It puts the countries transportation rules to be at par with the other countries. Make sure to read about the rules and regulations of driving in the country to avoid a felony.

English proficiency is a must

The majority of the people in the USA speak English. Even though the USA hosts a variety of diversified and culturally different people, it is still common that Caucasians dominate the USA and speak English. Knowing of the English language is a must, and proficiency in grammar and pronunciations are undeniably required.

Have a map handy wherever you are headed

When visiting places such as Disney World or the Yellowstone National Park, make sure to have a map handy if you get lost or stranded in such huge areas. Remember that the USA’s tourists are as clueless as you and won’t know if they are aware of the whereabouts of the site.

You are obligated to show your ID recurrently

It is essential to have your passport handy because your identification cards from other countries will be invalid. Make sure to keep your passport handy while ordering liquor or in the airport as authorities and people of higher positions regularly ask for it.

The USA is an expensive trip

You will require a lot of money while planning a trip to the USA. The currency is certainly expensive compared to Indian rupees, and you will be required to have enough balance in your credit cards for shopping sprees or dinners.

It isn’t easy to obtain a visa

While you ponder  booking international flights to USA, keep in mind that obtaining a visa is not easy. Acceptance for a visa application depends on country to country and their relationship with the USA. Assuming that you would get a visa easily should be avoided.

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