Uttari Betta Day Trek from Bengaluru


The Uttari Betta is a 5-kilometre hike through a spectacular lush green landscape that offers unique scenic views similar to the Western Ghats. It is one of Karnataka’s best day hikes. The trip begins in a small town, enters the fort wall, and goes through seven stone doors to reach the midway point, which includes a Sankareswari shrine. The view from the top of the temple is stunning enough to take your breath away for a time.

After Temple

After passing through the temple, the trip goes on via a small rainforest cave, where we will encounter a whole other universe, until arriving at the meadow top of the hill, which is encircled by massive boulders. We begin our descent back to the trek’s starting point after spending some time at the summit with some light chit-chat and a packed lunch.

Starting point of the Journey

  • We start the hike late at night intending to reach the summit before the sun rises. The journey begins in a little town. After walking through the village in the dark for a respectable amount of time, you will enter the defensive barricade and pass through seven stone entryways. The trail is generally shaky because it passes through boulders and steps carved out of big rocks. 

Midpoint of the ascent

  • After passing through these doors, you will reach the midpoint of the ascent, which is marked by a Shankeshwar temple. The vista from the temple’s peak is spectacular enough to cling to your mind for a few moments.

After sanctuary

  • After going through the sanctuary, the road continues, passing through a small woodland tunnel and entering a new environment, before arriving at the grassland on the hillock’s crest, which is surrounded by enormous stones and rocks.

View Around uttari betta trek

  • At this summit, we will see the bright sunrise with only green grass, clear blue skies, and grey-colored massive rocks to join us. Keep this awe-inspiring moment in your mind for as long as possible, as it will help you recall the supreme harmony you felt at that time later in nostalgia.


We let ourselves be engulfed in the splendour of the magnificent daybreak, with its fascinating blend of hues in the sky. We’ll begin our descent back to base camp as soon as possible after that. While being enthralled by the beauty of the slopes, try to move with caution. We’ll take a break for breakfast before continuing to Bangalore.

Sunrise Journey

  1. This exclusive sunrise journey takes you right into the heart of nature, with caverns, wildernesses, and gigantic stones that leave you in awe at life’s enormity. It ensures that travelers are at one with the abundant wildlife and vegetation that its route provides.


  1. So, if you’re looking for a place where you can be completely immersed in nature, join us on this adventure and be a part of something bigger than us all.

Experience of sunrise

  1. The sunrise is quite breathtaking, making the Uttari Betta night Trek an unforgettable experience.

Uttari betta hike distance

  1. Uttari Betta hike is a 5-kilometre adventure that takes you to a breathtaking green scene that has strangely vanished in the city vicinity. Travelling to Uttari Betta, like the Western Ghats, begins with a tiny hamlet that opens up to fortress dividers and then passes through seven stone entryways to reach the midway of the journey, which contains the Shankheshwar sanctuary at the summit. The view from the zenith point is very breathtaking.


  1. even though there are other treks in the Bangalore area, the Uttar Betta Day Trek will undoubtedly provide you with a well-deserved break from the monotony of city life.

View of Uttari betta Hike

  1. Your hike to Uttari Betta will reward you with a breathtaking view of the natural world. Your heart will be moved by the rich green excellence and mesmerising environmental features. This hiking trail is brimming with distinctive qualities and surprises for every hiker.

Experience of uttari betta

  1. It is a journey that will provide you with an unforgettable experience, and the site is ready to reveal all of its splendour to you. This excursion is straightforward and only covers a distance of 5 kilometres. Make the most of your weekend by getting together with your loved ones.

End point of the trek

  1. This trekking trail will set itself apart from the rest. The walk comes to an end at the prairie head of the slope, which is surrounded by big stones.

Weather in uttari betta

  1. The weather in Uttar Betta is lovely all year. Uttara Betta sunrise climb from Bangalore is popular throughout the summer months for viewing pre-monsoon cloud patterns.

Difficulty Level of uttari betta hike

  1. The Uttar Betta Trek has a steep incline. Moderate to Easy. On rocky terrain, Uttari Betta is a continuous uphill trek with various rising and falling phases. The trek to Uttari Betta is 5 kilometres long (up and down)

Best time to vissit

The best months to visit Uttar Betta are July and August. Throughout the year, the Betta is stunning. The finest months to visit are July through February. When one may enjoy the lush foliage and experience walking through the clouds. The environment is lovely and warm during the winter months. Throughout the summer months, the Uttari Betta dawn hike is popular because of the spectacular cloud formations. The opportunity to avoid the harsh summer sun during the day.

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