Explore Cambodia a gem of a country with Emirates Airlines Flights. Explore this list as it’s one of the least visited countries as compared to its neighbors.

Few countries are as authentic as Cambodia and visiting it this year with Emirates Airlines Flights might be a great idea. Cambodiais not visited like its neighbors such as Thailand or Vietnam. It is presently encountering a genuine blooming after the dull scene of the Khmer Rouge.

It is its landscapes of raw beauty, its rice fields speckled with sugar palms, the majestic remains of its ambivalent history. And the incredible kindness of its inhabitants that make the salt of the country. Without delay, we present to you the most beautiful places to discover to visit Cambodia in all its subtlety!

Phnom Kulen

North-east of the Angkor archaeological site, Phnom Kulen is a massif that rises to 487 meters above sea level. It shelters the sources of the rivers which bathe the old city. Its micro-climate grows delicious fruits, renowned throughout the country. It is a place of pilgrimage for the Khmers, who consider Phnom Kulen to be a sacred place. The visit of the massif allows seeing archaeological remains which have the particularity of mingling with the water of the springs.

The River of a Thousand Lingams is carpeted with bas-reliefs and Kbal Spean is an incredible sculpted river bed. At the top of the mountain is a small temple that houses a reclining Buddha. You can also bathe in majestic waterfalls, an opportunity to mingle with the locals, who are very numerous here.

Temple of Angkor

The Temple of Angkor is undoubtedly the most emblematic of the site’s temples. The cheese trees, which are home to gibbons and parrots, nestle on the ancient stones.It is as if visitors were discovering the places as they had been left centuries earlier and we recommend you to do the same whenever you’re planning to book online flights to Cambodia. The alliance between Khmer architecture and the wild jungle brings a very special atmosphere.

The site is huge and you can schedule your visit for one, three, or seven days. To visit the temples in Angkor and avoid the crowds. Feel free to explore the less famous temples in the Angkor complex.

Tonle Sap

The Tonle Sap designates a river and a large lake located in the center of the country. Punctuated by the seasons, its flow regime is unique in the world. The water empties and fills up according to the monsoons. During the rainy season, the stream of the Tonle Sap river changes direction and the surface of the lake is multiplied by four! Cambodians then celebrate the water festival.

Indeed, several communities, mainly Vietnamese, were formed there and live in what is called floating villages. The shops and homes of these extraordinary villages move on the lake according to the seasons.


The enclosure of quietness for the individuals who need to visit Cambodia has held specific credibility regardless of its traveler advancement.Its quiet streets come alive regularly to welcome different markets. A little secret for those who want a timeless experience, without tourists. Get up at dawn to go to the fish market on the banks of the river, run by the Cham Muslim community.

Visit the fish island once you get your Emirates Airlines Flights and its pretty fishermen’s houses swept with red earth. The many water lily lakes, the salt marshes, and the coast which has a very special character.


The Rotanah Kiri is located in the northeastern district. Known as the most beautiful and most remote area of the country, which also has Virachey National Park. Its dense forests cover 80 percent of its area, which you can walk through on treks and excursions, thus enjoying the welcome freshness of the region. A chance for nature sweethearts to notice the rich biodiversity of Cambodia, especially thick in this rocky region.


If you want to visit Cambodia while avoiding the more touristy areas, Pursat is the destination for you. A small country town renowned for its stonemasons and marble work, it is a great destination to meet the Khmers and make discoveries outside the traditional circuits. Do not miss to taste the delicious traditional Cambodian dishes. Not far from there, you can take a canoe to navigate the Tonle Sap and visit the fascinating floating village of Kompong Luong, and why not spend the night there!

Another interest of Pursat is the Bamboo Train, on which you can walk a little bit. Which move on rails with the help of a motor. A great opportunity to meet the locals while watching the beautiful Cambodian country side pass by before your eyes.

There you have it. These are the best places you need to know and want to visit in Cambodia this year with Emirates Airlines Flights.