What are the Most Commonly Notarized Documents?

Are you selling your home? Creating trusts and wills?, Or dealing with business documents? Pretty much every crucial decision in life requires you to deal with a lot of paperwork. Whether updating or making documents, like marriage certificates, real estate transactions, etc., every detail needs to be filled properly and notarized.

Document notarization ensures that all parties understand and agree with the content of documents and the information mentioned is factually correct. This legalization step also ensures that the documents are valid in the court in case a dispute fails to resolve outside the court.

Understanding Notarization

If you are new to this arena, you must be curious about knowing all about notaries. This article will help you understand the common documents that can be notarized.

By now, you know that a notary public serves as an impartial witness to protect the parties against fraud. Getting in touch with a mobile notary service is crucial because you need to follow some specific rules, regulations, and laws drawn by the state.

The official process, carried out by the expert, assures that the document is legitimate and authentic. A mobile notary service expert simplifies your task by saving you enough time and being present in the venue of your choice, carrying out the entire legalization process. They verify the signer’s identity and their willingness to sign the papers without duress.

Notarization follows these steps:

  • Verifying signers: The notary expert checks the identity of the signers.
  • Checking coercion: The signer states that the signature is their own, done willingly.
  • Capability of signing: The signer cannot be under the influence of alcohol or mentally unstable during the process.
  • Witnessing the signing: The notary professionals witnesses the signers sign the papers
  • Adding a seal: Notaries stamp the documents and make them notarized and legal.

Can a Notary Refuse to Notarize a Document?

A notary can refuse to sign your document when:

  • The document has blank spaces.
  • The signer fails to provide valid identity proof.
  • Certain pages go missing from the document.
  • The signer is confused or does not understand what they are signing.
  • The notary is one of the signers.
  • The signer is absent.
  • The notary professional is partial.

Six Most Commonly Notarized Documents

A mobile notary service can notarize several documents, depending on the laws and regulations of the state you dwell in.

Do you have any of the following documents to be notarized?

  1. Commercial Lease

A lease for commercial business needs to be signed and notarized. Maybe you are renting a large building to run your business, and it may happen that the building owner does not allow you to lease unless the documents are notarized.

In California, the commercial lease requires notarization before the tenant moves into the rental space.

  1. Mortgage Documents

Mortgage documents protect the lender in case the borrower fails to adhere to their obligation. The document secures the property until the debt is entirely repaid. The original papers require the signature and notarization to record the mortgage, and without the notary stamp, it remains invalid and cannot be recorded.

The mortgage note contains the description of the property, time to repay, purchase cost, and the borrower’s and lender’s signature.

  1. Employment Contracts

Sometimes when you are starting a job, the employers may want your documents to be notarized. The contract specifies the terms and conditions, the compensation, and your role. Getting the document notarized would mean that you agree to the policies and the duties mentioned in the contract.

  1. Power of Attorney

Power of attorney is a legal document that gives the attorney the power to act on another individual’s behalf regarding finances, property, or health.

So, if someone needs to authorize the other to act as a power of attorney, the document must be notarized by a trained and certified notary professional.

  1. Passport Application

When applying for a passport, you need to get your documents notarized. However, if you are renewing it, you might not need to get it done. The new passport application requires to be notarized before it will be accepted.

  1. Medical Authorization for Minors

A child’s power of attorney is a legal document that gives someone other than a parent or legal guardian temporary powers to make healthcare and other decisions on behalf of a child. It is typically utilized by grandparents, babysitters, teachers, or trusted friends.

Thanks to the mobile notary services, like the Moments Notice Mobile Notary. The professional and reliable experts provide services at the home, office, banks, local coffee shops, schools, elderly care facilities, or assisted living.

The Final Takeaway

Honestly, once you get in touch with a trusted and professional mobile notary service, the process becomes a lot simpler.

Only notarization will ensure the appropriate execution of the contract. So you know that notary plays a crucial role in ensuring that the agreements are legally enforceable.

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