What can investment casting be used for?

Investment casting manufacturers across the world supply a wide range of castings to a host of companies in different industries. This is because there are so many uses of castings. Investment casting is becoming very popular in the world because of a variety of reasons. We will explore a few of the most prominent uses of investment castings in this article.

Investment casting is a metalworking process. For castings, a ceramic shell built over a wax pattern is used. With this ceramic shell, the users can manufacture metal parts with extremely uniform and smooth surfaces. Aluminum is used to make wax patterns for investment castings. Investment casting techniques are primarily used to make fine products the castings are free from mold marks, parting lines or any other kind of irregularities. Investment casting manufacturers use precise methods to make flawless products. The products are known for their super-fine finishing.

Numerous Uses and benefits of investment castings! 

The benefits of the investment casting process compensate for the relative expensiveness of the investment casting process. Investment casting is mostly used to make smaller components or parts using metals. Investment casting manufacturers supply precisely shaped components for various uses.

A wide range of applications of investment casting 

There are a huge number of applications and uses of investment casting. A few of the industries where investment casting is used widely include gas and oil, power generation, aerospace, automotive, energy industries, military, commercial, and much more. Investment casting techniques are also used in the food and beverages industries. Many types of equipment in this industry are made using the investment casting process. Several investment casting manufacturers supply a good quantity of casts to the international pressure relief valve manufacturers as well. Many companies in the food sector using casts for making a wide range of machinery and tools too. There are many uses of castings in different industries, here are a few more:

Medical Industry 

A variety of instruments and equipment are used in the medical field. All the instruments used in the medical industry require a greater level of accuracy. They have to be very precise, therefore, investment casting turns out to be a perfect choice for making metal and dental instruments. Components with high accuracy, dimensional needs, and tolerances are a perfect choice for many medical and dental industries. Several investment casting manufacturers supply casting for making machines, surgical tools, implants, and a variety of other medical-related products.

Locking Tools 

In case you don’t know, we want to tell you that you can make durable locks and keys with the help of investment casting. Certain special locks can also be manufactured using the investment casting process. The casts are highly accurate and precise. Even the minutest of details are considered while making the casts for locks.

Aerospace Industry 

The aerospace industry requires complex parts for various machinery and tools. Casts with superb finishing and tolerance levels are used extensively in this industry. A variety of metals and alloys are used to make intricate casts for the aerospace industry. The strong and reliable components benefit the aerospace industry in many ways.

There is a wide range of applications of investment casting because of the tons of benefits that they offer. More and more benefits of the castings are explored in the coming times. Therefore, the demand for casts is increasing quite rapidly.

Why investment casting processes are used? 

Investment casting is capable of producing complex parts with precision. One of the topmost reasons for using the investment casting process is that it helps to make parts with outstanding-cast surface finishes. With this process, the users can make castings with 90-degree angles. The exceptional dimensional accuracy of casts makes casts perfect for use in a wide variety of applications.

Below are some of the other reasons for using investment casting: 

  • Superfine surface finish
  • Complexly shaped components and parts can be manufactured using investment casting
  • Low wastage
  • Good dimensional tolerances
  • Quick mold designs
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous alloys and metals are used by investment casting manufacturers for casting

We have listed above some of the top uses of investment casting which are going to become more popular in the times to come. One of the few reasons for the popularity of investment casting includes minimum wastage. Also, many manufacturers use investment casting methods to make components or parts using less energy. Most of the major investment casting manufacturers around the world are known for the accuracy of their castings. Most of the castings have a high level of tolerance.

If you want to make the most of the investment casting, make sure you buy the casts from a leading investment casting manufacturer. The manufacturer should use high quality metals and should have all the certifications to make the casts for the buyers.

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