The Search Engine Algorithms have evolved in a big way, and today, it has become essential for every marketer to find specific ways to rank higher. Marketers have realized the importance of hashtags in determining a business’s position on the Search Engine Results Page. Therefore, by cleverly using the popular social media hashtags, you can manage better social media results. Let us examine how hashtags are used in different social media channels.


Hashtags are most popular on Twitter because it was first used on this channel and is still prevalent. Last year, during pandemic there were many hashtags such as #corona, #cronavirus #covid19, #pandemic, and #lockdown that became viral. Hashtags since beginning were considered as a remarkable tool to drive high-level of engagement. And it goes without saying that businesses that maintain accounts on Twitter find it easier to spread their brand messages among target-audience by using unique hashtags.


Facebook took more time to understand the importance of hashtags to enhance the reach of posts. Eventually, it also started providing unique URL to each of their Hashtags just like Twitter to enable businesses as well as their target audiences to get connected with each other.


Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media networks that used hashtags to enable its users to communicate with their target audience. On Pinterest, users normally search for a particular topic by clicking on the hashtags on the profile.


Hashtags in Instagram are not only quite popular, but are also used quite generously. That is why a single Instagram post or a picture is often tagged with multiple hashtags to help it get easily discovered. But for these hashtags, it will be almost impossible to discover these beautiful pictures taken on exotic locations. Hashtags in Instagram allows businesses to influence their target audience by creating brand awareness.


Google+ too has joined the party, and now provides hashtags to users making the entire process of searching user-friendly. This helps businesses to have better results in search engine results pages. So when someone clicks on the Google+ hashtag, he will be taken to the original hashtag, and it will also show all other posts tagged with the same hashtag.

The popularity of hashtags is an integral part of creating a momentum on Social Media platforms, and achieving better brand awareness. A clever hashtag can infuse a fresh life to your digital identity, enhance reach and brand familiarity. The power of hashtags is huge in providing better social media experience. Gradually, as your audience becomes more familiar with your hashtags they start tagging it into their content, social media posts, Blogs, and headlines that further boosts these hashtags.

The key to your next Hashtag campaign should be to keep it simple, relevant, and trendy because the hashtag must go with the flow. Try checking on your Competitors activities, and see what kind of hashtags they are using. Since, you cannot use the same hashtags, you need to do some out of the box thinking to develop your own keyword, Connectd to the most trending one.