What it would Cost for MBBS in China?

MBBS in China for Indian Students

MBBS is a sensible choice in China, which is popular due to its low cost and promising return. China, located in the Indian subcontinent, has a tendency to select students who prefer their medical education to a foreign university. It offers cheaper medical education compared to other foreign universities. If you choose to study MBBS in China then you should be aware of the cost of MBBS in China. Let’s discuss, what it would cost for MBBS in China?  It has grown at the expense of budget education, which is high in research and development in the field of medical science, due to the number of foreign students visiting Chinese universities.

China as the Purpose for MBBS

China annually increases its research, education, and scholarship budgets, resulting in well-equipped training centers. Chinese medical universities are well-funded and therefore equipped to provide quality medical education. Thus, 20 Chinese medical universities are ranked among the top 1,000 medical universities in the world.

MBBS Fees in China

The MBBS in China cost is low and there are useful scholarships available to make it easier for international students to study. The average cost of MBBS in China 2022 in just five years is just 16 lakhs, which is much slower than the cost of medical education in almost all other places that are common for MBBS.

University Name and Tuition Fee + Hostel per year

  1. University of Tongji- Rs. 5, 70,000/-
  2. Shandong University – Rs. 5, 15,000/-
  3. Zhejiang University- Rs. 5, 08,000/-
  4. Xi’an Jiaotong University- Rs. 4, 90,000/-
  5. China Medical University- Rs. 4, 70,000/-
  6. Sichuan University- Rs. 4, 20,000/-
  7. Nanjing Medical University- Rs. 4, 00,000/-
  8. Jilin University- Rs. 4, 00,000/-
  9. Jiangsu University- Rs. 4, 00,000/-
  10. Kunming Medical University- Rs. 4, 00,000/-
  11. Xiamen University- Rs. 3, 96,000/-
  12. Fujian Medical University- Rs. 3, 90,000/-
  13. Southeast University- Rs. 3, 88,000/-
  14. Qingdao University- Rs. 3, 88,000/-
  15. North Sichuan Medical University- Rs. 3, 80,000/-
  16. Guangxi Medical University- Rs. 3, 86,000/-
  17. Shihezi University- Rs. 3, 50,000/-
  18. Anhui Medical University- Rs. 3, 50,000/-
  19. Guangzhou Medical University- Rs. 3, 50,000/-
  20. Wenzhou Medical University- Rs. 3, 40,000/-
  21. Yangzhou University- Rs. 3, 45,000/-
  22. China Three Gorges University- Rs. 2, 88,000/-

Syllabus of MBBS in China

As a result, the Universities of China are known for their well-organized and quality medical observes. Moreover, nine semesters and one year of internship train students to become medical professionals ready to handle complex medical cases. So, the qualifying course is divided into two parts. Also, the first four semesters contribute to the formation of knowledge about integrated basic medical education and the final five semesters develop knowledge of clinical sciences. The partial list of topics is as follows:

Section one:

  1. Anatomy
  2. Physiology
  3. Biochemistry
  4. Pharmacology
  5. Microbiology
  6. Community Medicine
  7. Pathology

Section two:

  1. Medicine
  2. Surgery
  3. Orthopedics
  4. Obstetrics and Gynecology
  5. Pediatrics
  6. Anaesthesiology
  7. Radiology
  8. Ophthalmology
  9. Skin and VD
  10. Toxicology
  11. Psychiatry and Forensic Medicine.

Also, China’s educational standards are world-class, and internship opportunities and training programs are excellent. So, the government is making sure that as many foreign students as possible are admitted to Chinese universities.

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