Whether your business is a new venture or has its roots strengthened in a particular market, it requires professional expertise with regard to marketing and promotional activities. Several methods are used to achieve short-term and long-term objectives, and video advertising is one of them. However, achieving your desired objectives is not easy; one needs to comprehend the complexities and changes in promoting the brand or business. Therefore, experts are hired to create the perfect launching pad to ensure success.

You must have heard a lot about how effective custom whiteboard video animation is. It is a great marketing tactic to inform and persuade the target audience to adhere to your products or services. This video helps to communicate complex ideas through the process of ‘storytelling.’ Moreover, it renders a high conversion rate.

Why Whiteboard Videos?

From all the video types available for marketing needs, whiteboard videos have garnered high attention from the target audience. These videos have gained popularity over the years as an effective and affordable way to create compelling videos. They serve as a one-stop solution for all your video advertising needs.

According to research conducted by Dr. Richard Wiseman, it was found that more than 15% of information is retained through whiteboard animation. These videos are a perfect addition to websites, email newsletters, and social media platforms. Businesses favor this marketing technique over other advertising tools like print ads or TV commercials.

People are drawn to the animation because of the use of colours, which render more life and originality. Whiteboard video production firms are proficient in producing thought-provoking animation that reflects your message and brand conclusively.

A whiteboard video animation can be useful if the description is complex or highly technical. People often lose interest during monotonous explanations, and it becomes all the more challenging to comprehend. A high-quality whiteboard animation video will keep viewers’ attention for an extended period, whether promoting a product on a squeeze page or introducing your staff to a new business process. This is because whiteboard animations are quick-moving, visually appealing, and frequently colourful, which makes them enjoyable to watch.

A whiteboard video is optimal if you need to cover ample information in your presentation for reasons identical to those stated above. It is a powerful tool for B2B marketing, in case you didn’t know. Whiteboard animation’s industrial-yet-casual appearance and feel are amazingly well suited to a business setting. When you contact other firms with your offer, whiteboard animation services might give you a competitive advantage over your rivals.

Audience Engagement

Whiteboard animation experts focus on one of the most important aspects of video advertising, the public engagement sector. This helps them bring more visitors to your website and improve overall visits. Don’t be surprised if your traffic doubles or quadruples within weeks, it’s all about their efficient working methods.

Experts use different video advertising strategies to get more traffic to your website, and their clients are delighted by their approach. A whiteboard video animation keeps the viewers engrossed till the end. With exceptional content quality and an interactive layout, these videos arouse sentiments and alter the audience’s mood to establish a strong connection.

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Client Communication

Whiteboard service providers label communication as the most important factor for staying in touch with the client. To connect with a large audience, you must ensure that the video is engaging and informative. Whiteboard video animation is a useful tool that works well on different appliances, such as Smart TVs and cell phones. Research conducted by Google and Ipsos discovered that 3 out of 4 adults reported watching movies on a mobile device at home. Additionally, Nielsen discovered that YouTube reaches a high number of adults (18+) during prime time in a typical week, only on cell phones. These demonstrate the predominance of mobile devices and the reach of videos regarding how consumers access the material.


A whiteboard video animation can increase your site’s conversion rate. According to a study released by Unbounce, you can anticipate a 20% increase in page views and a simultaneous reduction in page bounce rates. According to another research by Wistia, individuals spend an average of 2.6 times more time on websites with videos than without them. These clips attract the viewer by displaying images, text, and other items on the screen. Moreover, it appeals to the child side of individuals, whether the video relates to products, services, or any other topic.

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