Why do people use marble and granite stones for their house floorings?

There are several types of products available for flooring. Still, most people prefer these granite and marble stones because they are more attractive and shinier than other flooring materials. And even in these marbles and granites, several color variants are available. So, customers can choose the color as per their requirement. To buy marbles and granites with good strength and durability, people should choose a perfect granite and marble supplier who has more experience in this field.  

There are many vendors available in the market, but the best way to buy marble is to buy marbles and granites from the company that manufactures and markets them by themselves. It’s because these kinds of companies can provide marbles with the option of size customization. And they also have various advantages like different colors and different varieties of products, which are the benefits for customers who prefer manufacturing companies rather than buying from other retail shops.

Marble and granite manufacturing process

As everybody knows, these marbles and granites are natural resources from the deep part of the earth. Like all other natural minerals like gold, silver, and iron, these granites and marbles are also the product of mining. In this process, the companies will get vast rocks of granites and marbles, and after several techniques, they use heavy machines to convert these complex and huge rocks into usable slabs that people see in the house flooring or the showrooms. 

These processes will take several hours of work and human resources to create beautiful marbles and granites. And in this process, the polishing process is also one of the necessary processes that make the final product more attractive. And like all other mineral resources, the ore or the raw material of these products are also available only in some parts of India. These manufacturing companies’ work is to get the raw material and process them with various techniques to get the final product. 

Location of these minerals

Many companies sell granites and marbles in the market, but all these products are primarily from some regions of India. These regions have a massive amount of natural resources to provide these products for the use of the whole country. Rajasthan is the biggest producer of marbles, and in the total percentage of marble usage in India, 90% of the marbles come from this location. Most marble supplier companies get their products from Rajasthan only.

It’s because the geographical location of Rajasthan contains lots of natural mineral residues, and most of them are marbles. And It also includes lots of granite minerals. Other than Rajasthan, these granite minerals are also available in various states like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, and Madhya Pradesh. So, with these sources, many companies sell their marbles and granites to their customers as per their requirements. 

The reason behind the different colours of the products

Many companies set their quarries in these locations to get the raw materials and process them to get the final output for marketing. And these minerals are also available in different kinds of colors, and it depends on the minerals present in the raw materials. In the case of white marble, It’s nothing but limestone, which turns into hard rock by the earth’s high temperature and long-term pressure. So, the limestone component is the primary reason for the color of the white marble. 

Similarly, all other marbles have various mineral combinations, which creates the unique color of these marbles. Among all the white marbles, the premium Morwad White marbles have an attractive and shining white color. These kinds of marbles are from the Marwar district of Rajasthan. Similarly, the colors of different granites are also the same, but the texture of granite is entirely different from the texture of marbles. The granite structure will be like a combination of various small rock chips. These are the reasons behind the color variation of marbles and granites.  

Best place in the house to use granites and marbles

These marbles and granites are the best options for use in various areas like kitchen, bathroom floorings, and hallway flooring. All these are the perfect places to use these products. And before buying marbles or granites, people should choose the ideal product that suits the location. In case of any doubts, people can consult with their marble supplier or the flooring expert to select the perfect-looking marble or granite for the house. 

Using marbles and granites in these locations will elevate the attractive look of the area, and it also helps in several ways. People can use various sizes of granites and marbles as per their requirements. For these kinds of enormous size marbles and granite products, people can contact the manufacturing companies with separate manufacturing units for themselves. These are the ideas to choose marble and granite for their houses. 

Advantages of using marbles and granites

The first advantage of using marbles and granites in houses and other flooring purposes is the attractive and shiny look of the materials. And these materials are also well known for their strength and durability. While evaluating other flooring techniques, these marbles and granites need less maintenance. Polishing 5 years once is enough to maintain the exact look of these materials. But, with other materials, people need to replace them more quickly than these materials. 

 And these materials are stain proof, and it is also effortless to clean marble or granite floorings. These floorings are also suitable for use in various places like offices, apartments, hospitals, and clubhouses. Using these shiny products will provide an elite look to the area, and along with that, it also increases the light reflection and increase the brightness in the area. All these are the advantages of using granites and marbles. 

Maintenance process 

These marble and granite flooring materials need various maintenance processes to maintain the floorings’ perfect and exact brand new look. And people can get these details from their flooring expert or even their marble supplier. The first and essential step is regular sweeping or vacuuming the floors to clean the dust and waste particles in the marble or granite flooring. The frequent presence of dust and waste particles can damage the look of the material and even destroy the entire loo of the material. And cleaning the floor material with water and some cleaning agents is necessary to maintain the floor’s shine.

Besides cleaning, people should also follow more processes to maintain the materials. Throwing heavy materials against the floor may damage the material’s structure and even create unpleasant creaks on the product’s surface. People should avoid throwing or dropping sharp tip objects and furniture on the floor because these actions can chip the material and create holes and cracks in the flooring material. All these are the maintaining processes that help the users to maintain the perfect look of the marble and granite materials. 


The granite and marbles are the perfect choices for house flooring, and it is also suitable for various buildings. So, people can get complete details from their marble supplier and use their marble or granite products as per their wishes. These marble and granite are beautiful inventions that improve human’s construction skills. The usage of this mineral is not a new practice because many ancient buildings constructions made with these granites and marbles are even standing with pride. So, people can use these flooring products to create their own dream houses with lots of joy.

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