Worried About the CBSE School Admission Process? Keep These Things in Mind

Getting admission in school is no one-step process, and often is a process of arranging documents, applying on time, checking application guidelines, and whatnot! And, that’s when things become difficult. And, as a result, many students fail to get enrolled in their desired school. So, what can all be done to mitigate the chances of hassle and anomalies in the application? So, no more worries or uncertain information about the CBSE school admission process. Follow the simple steps to leave no room for any hassle while applying for top schools in Pune.

Check eligibility

This is practically the first step in the process of CBSE school admission. Checking eligibility is foremost, and one of the most important steps. It is because, if you are not eligible, there is no sense in even arranging documents, putting energy and effort into applying, and going through the whole process.

So, it is said to be wise to check your eligibility beforehand. Map your profile with requirements. These can be the last studied class’s academic performance, age criteria, and also location criteria sometimes.

Keep in mind the deadlines

Deadlines are critical. No top school in Pune accepts applications after the admission deadline, therefore, it is important to know the deadlines and complete the process before it. For this, check official notifications, and information bulletins to know the date and time of the CBSE school admission deadline.

Furthermore, it is also advised to start and finish the process at least 3 days before the deadline to keep a window for any corrections in the application.

Read guidelines carefully

The top schools in Pune release CBSE school admission information way before the deadline. This gives students, and teachers a good amount of time to understand the guidelines on how to fill up the application form. So, comprehend the guidelines carefully.

Look for the specific size, and formats of documents required. Check for the no. and types of documents required, and also from which official, or personnel. Knowing guidelines carefully would keep you in a safe zone while applying on the school’s admission portal.

Apply on time and to the right portal!

Sometimes, even after arranging all the right documents on time, students tend to submit them near the deadline which poses challenges. So, applying on time is another important factor, that too on the right portal!

Moreover, with more and more applications going online, it becomes critical to submit applications on the right platform, keep yourself safe from fake websites, and always apply on the right portal. If you have any doubts about the right portal, visit a school once!

These were some of the steps that assure you never make any mistakes in the CBSE admission process. But, how about selecting the right school. That’s what is the most difficult job. So, here are some of the factors for you to consider while choosing your perfect school-


Believe it or not, reputation plays a major role. Be it the school’s reputation in the teaching discipline, and manners to students, or be it for the faculty delivering textual knowledge to school, reputation is important. Always consider, and do shear research on the school’s reputation. This would help you gain a few details about the school’s discipline and cultural norms.

Fee Structure

No one wants or desires to spend a hefty chunk of the budget on school fees, even if they are getting the globe’s best school. So, go through the fee package carefully, and understand what all amenities are there in school that can help your child to grow, and get better.

So, before moving towards the CBSE admission process, look at the fee package, inclusions, and other detailed expenses.

Curriculum, and Faculty

These are very important factors to shortlist top schools in Pune. The curriculum in which education is being delivered, and the ways in which faculty delivers the educational content are key factors in determining the value, and quality of education. So, never compromise on these factors!

Curriculum, and Faculty all programs are tailored to the local and international needs of each individual client. With a diverse faculty and employee pool, our curriculum is flexible to meet any unique learning need while providing state-of-the-art training in current, technologically advanced youth ministry methods.

Other Opportunities

Everyone wants a subject knowledge from the school, but other types of training or help classes such as in sports, art & craft, gymnastics, self-defense, etc., are very important. So, before finalizing your school, look at these factors once, and go for the school that delivers all this.

By looking at these factors, shortlist the top schools in Pune you think would be best for you. And apply in at least 3 schools with a precise CBSE admission process. One of the advised schools is GIIS or Global Indian international school. It is an international CBSE school and follows a fair CBSE admission process. It also supports students with scholarship support and ensures quality education for all students. Get updated information from its official website.

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